How does music help with cognition and sleep?


A recent study published in the academic journal Scientific Reports by Rebecca Jane Scarratt with contributions from Ole Adrian Heggli, Peter Vuust & Makiko Sadakata looks at the psychology of music, and how it helps with both studying and sleep – and the similarities that music plays in helping both of these.

British radio Phoenix 98.0 FM spoke to Joey Florez about the report.

Joey is an American psychology scholar and writer who has contributed to publications such as HuffPost and The Good Men Project about mental health and digital culture. His work as a writer has appeared on online news websites, newspapers, magazines, and radio outlets.

Joey is also the author of a new educational book, A Short Introduction to Psychology. He studied applied psychology during his undergraduate studies and forensic psychology at the graduate level.

In 2023, Joey released a digitally distributed album of ocean sounds designed to help induce sleep. The album, titled Ocean Sounds For Deep Sleep, is available on iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Pandora, and other online stores.

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